Business can be, well, a tricky business. Constant fluctuations in the market—a series of ups and downs with mild to severe plateauing between each—as well as changes in customer desires and emerging technology can break any business model, even those that have been long-standing. Just ask Blockbuster, Toys R Us, Circuit City, Kodiak and Polaroid, and the Lehman Brothers. However, changes in a company’s financial standing doesn’t have to send it the same way. Involving the assistance of an experienced financial advisor to analyze your business practices and reorganize your financial structure can help salvage your business or help to take it to the next level.

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One of the central subtypes of corporate restructuring is financial restructuring. It is the method in which entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders reshape the structure of the business’ finances—modifying how revenue is made and spent throughout the company. Financial restructuring is not limited to failing or struggling businesses. It can also be implemented by businesses needing assistance in expanding their production or markets with limited abilities to take on the task themselves.

3 Leaf Financial will first perform an in-depth assessment of your business’ current financial standing and practices—getting an idea of your equity-to-liability ration. Reviewing all details from employee payroll to cost-to-revenue of product creation to create a financial goal and restructuring process.

Following the assessment, your financial restructuring consultant will review the methods in which to implement the following in order to achieve your financial goals
  • Increase net asset turnover by selling non-operating assets and limited asset liquidation.

  • Negotiate debt with vendors and/or creditors to establish an affordable repayment plan or offer debt-for-equity stakes.

  • Approach lenders or investors to acquire additional funding for market expansion or additional hires.

  • Identify and initiate potential market partnerships or acquisitions.

  • Disperse ineffective, slow-producing, or poorly functioning divisions; outsourcing when and where is necessary.

  • Eliminate or combine positions or responsibilities and conduct operational improvements.

  • Reorganize management structure for improved processes, communication, and effectiveness.

  • Collect on past due accounts from customers.

  • Forensic accounting and investigations.

  • Modification of current accounting practices and implementation of improved bookkeeping.

There are additional means to resolve your company’s current financial crisis, and your 3 Leaf Financial consultant will help you to identify and execute those methods for a healthier financial future.