Organizational restructuring of a company is often thought of as the industry’s polite way of saying “downsizing”. However, there is far more to organizational restructuring than letting select employees or whole divisions go. As a business owner or organizational leader, it is your responsibility to recognize when certain practices are not effective and that change is needed—however, knowing how or what changes to implement to provide optimal results often require the assistance of a business strategist or consultant.

A 3 Leaf Financial business consultant is the ideal solution for business owners needing to make a change but unsure of the best way to do so. With extensive experience in the financial industry and the economic understanding of the impact a company’s profits and expenses can have on decision-making provides our consultants with invaluable insights on providing the right accommodations and solutions your business needs at this time.

Growth & Development Coaching

Your 3 Leaf Financial consultant will assist in organizational restructuring by

  • Making recommendations on operational changes to accommodate changing business priorities and enhance current organizational effectiveness.

  • Implement new programs to encourage employees, increase job or station satisfaction, and increase productivity.

  • Analyze budget restrictions and provide financial advice for improved practices.

  • Make recommendations on changes within personnel to improve departmental communication, productivity, or to meet market conditions.

  • Shift, expand, or reduce organizational structure to serve growing or reducing markets or to serve overhead demands.

Organizational restructuring identifies inefficiencies in work processes and company structure and delivers a solution to improve or correct these inefficiencies. It also recognizes areas of competence and provide business owners ways to encourage or further enhance these aspects of the business. The goal of organizational restructuring is to eliminate potential risks by applying informed, strategic processes.

Your organizational restructuring consultant will assess up to five key areas of your business: Structure, Processes/Policies, Culture, People, and Technology. When these business aspects are organized in a cohesive manner to support the business goals, values, and priorities, then organizational performance is magnified.