An interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a financial expert who assists a company for a short period of time (usually a few months) to give specific financial advice and services. Interim CFOs solve major financial issues that your company may be facing like sale preparations, economic crisis, market expansion, or help to fill the gap between your previous CFO and the next.

All businesses can benefit from expert financial leadership—just because your company does not currently have a CFO does not mean it doesn’t need one or the level of financial expertise that often accompanies one.

3 Leaf Financial provides interim CFO services to help bring strategic financial planning to businesses on the verge of growth and expansion—or that may be in transition from one high-level financial executive to the next or from one stage of growth to the next.

Tax & Revenue Planning
Our CFO consultants have decades of experience serving as CFO or high-level financial advisor to businesses around the world. We can
  • Reconstruct debt and spending

  • Provide financial forecasting

  • Increase production and sales

  • Improve cash flow

  • Streamline accounting for companywide compatibility

  • Make profitable investments

  • Develop improved accounting procedures

  • Improve employee on-boarding and training

  • Advise on beneficial tax strategies

  • Payroll review and budget analysi

  • Trend analysis

  • And so much more

If your business is looking for a seasoned professional financial advisor to provide support during a critical time, be it a change of leadership, drastic internal financial review, or a need to grow, contact 3 Leaf Financial to see how our Interim CFO services can help you to improve your business practices.