Health insurance consulting is a line of strategic business and financial consulting that explores the complex avenues of group insurance plans and individual health plans in order to ensure that the plan selected is most beneficial for your business plan and personal retirement needs.

Our health insurance consultants provide expert financial advice that compares the costs of the health insurance plans, overall benefits, and ways to maximize the benefits to offset the overhead cost of carrying a group health insurance plan for your company or private insurance.

We assist business professionals and financially minded individuals to review the following types of health insurance plans:

  • Group Employee Benefits

  • Individual Health Insurance

  • Individual Short Term Medical

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Individual Dental

  • Life Insurance

  • Medicare Supplement Plans

  • International Coverage

Speak With Your Financial Planner About Your Health Insurance Needs

A financial planner can provide unique insight regarding health insurance plans in ways that an independent health insurance agent cannot. Understanding the tax implications relating to health insurance plans and the financial risks of going without insurance—i.e. how it can affect your long-term planning.

Private planning is not the only concern our financial advisors consider. If you own a company and provide benefits or are considering improving your employee benefits packages, a financial advisor can play a key role in developing and negotiating desirable and affordable group plans that encompass medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as investing in employee retirement planning.